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Sr.No. Description Material Qty
15 Hex Bolt Mild Steel 1
14 KEY Mild Steel 1
13 CSK BOLT Mild Steel 2
12 GRUB SCREW Mild Steel 2
11 Travel Limit Nut Mild Steel 1
10 Hand Wheel C.I. FG 200 ( cast iron) 1
9 Yoke Bush Gun Metal 1
8 Lug Clamp Mild Steel 4
7 Spindle Clamp Gun Metal 1
6 Spindle SS 410 1
5 Elastomer Sleeve Reinforced Rubber 1
4 Tie Bar SS 410 2
3 Bridge Cast Steel 1
2 Pinching Bar Cast Iron, Aluminum, Cast Steel, Steel, etc 2
1 Main Body Cast Iron, Aluminum, Cast Steel, Steel, etc 1

Operating Manual of pinch valves

Preliminary Precaution: It is advisable to store pinch valve in fully opened position with tighten the set screw of the travel limit nut. Always check this on receipt of pinch valves.

Installation: Pinch valve can be installed without any gasket unless it is required for some specific purpose. Tighten the nut of the flanges evenly & equally, but avoid too much tightening. Ensure free movement of the upper & lower pinching bar by opening & closing the pinch valve. The Pinch valve is now ready for the service.

Maintenance: If pinch valve is found leaking after sometime in operation even though it is fully closed, then just set the travel limit nut by taking it 1 or 2 threads above and then tighten. This will allow more room for traveling of rubber sleeve and ensure pinch valve to zero leakage. The leakage problem also occurs when the rubber sleeve is slightly worn out, under any abrasive condition, which needs to be replaced. For casual information note that the Rubber sleeve of the pinch valve up to 2 (50mm) have a single lug on either side and it goes into the hollow passage of the pinching bar and fixed with the lug clamping screws. In pinch valves above 50mm, the rubber sleeves have two lugs on either sides fitted overlapping the pinching bar. These reinforced lugs help retraction of rubber sleeve even in vacuum service.

Dismantling pinch valve & replacing rubber sleeve / muff: When the pinch valve sleeve is ruptured or totally worn out then replace it with a new one. Dismantle the pinch valve as mentioned below.

  • Remove the hand wheel.
  • Open the Tie Bar nuts.
  • Disconnect the spindle from the Horseshoe connection and remove it completely with the bridge.
  • REMEMBER not to temper the set screw of the yoke bush, unless required or should be completely tight.
  • Open & remove the nuts & bolts of split body pinch valve.
  • Remove the screw of the lugs from both the pinching bars.
  • Now fit the new rubber sleeve & reverse the operation to assemble complete pinch valve.

Remember: It is advisable to keep a spare rubber sleeve / muff for maintenance purpose, considering the self life of the Rubber as six months when wrapped with normal newspaper and stored in dark. The Pinch valves should be stored in fully open condition only. We also offer complete spares of pinch valves and therefore our pinch valves shall never be scrapped. We sincerely request you to place your order 1-2 weeks in advance.


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